A collection of addiction and recovery based resources


A collection of addiction and recovery based resources



We are a collection and association of recovery based websites from a variety of sources located on our planet. We have included some of the very finest on a single platform which is both engaging and informative.


Our mission is to provide a centralized location for all to engage, giving you a connection into all the recovery resources of the United Soberverse.


We are the citizens of the United Soberverse. Our purpose is that of fostering and encouraging recovery so that you find the freedom we now have. We are recovered people who were once slaves to a variety of merciless additions. Join with us and engage your recovery as never before. You will find us to be the people of earth, from many different countries, with many different occupations and lifestyles.
We are open for all to come and find release from the Monster’s Grip.


Travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it:
‘he explored the recovery options’


Occupy or attract (someone’s interest or attention):
‘he outlined his plans and engage with others’


To develop gradually, the individual has evolved and grown:
‘into a satisfying and happier existence’

Sober Command

The Story of The SOBER COMMAND by C.L. Freeman

The COMMAND is a vision of which came to me in a dream. In this dream I was in a room where I had access to everyone involved with the business of helping other through the technology of the inter-net. In this room it was as if all I had to do was think about who I needed to locate and reach out to. The controls would automatically direct my attention to the person or information I was thinking about. Very strange I thought.

So the very next day I was cruising around my usual recovery sites that I frequent and it occurred to me that if there was one single hub or control center where I could find what I was looking for it would be much easier and save me bunches of time and effort.

I did notice that on most of my friend’s sites they had many links which would re-direct visitors to other recommended and associated sites. Then it hit me. A revelation came into my thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if I were to create a space where I had them all together as one single force?

I called this place, “The UNITED SOBERVERSE”. I then reflected that all the people involved with this vision were a sober force. I termed this group as the SOBER/FORCE1, members and friends of the SOBERCOMMAND.

There is so much more to this story as you can imagine and I will as time passes bring to you more of the vision that I have been designing and developing over the last few years.

I hope that all the people that visit the site find it both engaging and informative so that they discover a new world of recovery of which has been hidden from them in their addiction.

The SOBERCOMMAND are real people from around our planet. Real people with real recovery offering others a real solution. Join with us as we all work toward a single purpose – That an addict/alcoholic does not die today!

Sober Command

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