First and foremost: THANK YOU for supporting this community!

When we say community, we mean it. Addiction Unscripted is your space. It’s yours to tell stories, read stories, chat, make small talk, ask questions, and, most importantly, CONNECT with one another.

From day one, our mission has been to connect people who traditionally feel disconnected. If nothing else, addiction fosters isolation and solitude, for both the addict as well as the non-addict who loves someone struggling with addiction. We feel alone, like we’re the only ones who’ve ever felt what we’re feeling, who’s ever thought what we’ve thought, who’s ever done what we’ve done. The guilt and shame involved causes addicts and their loved ones to withdraw from the rest of society out of a fear that other people simply won’t understand what it’s like. Our only response has been to detach from humanity.

It’s an understandable response, sure. But what if there’s a better way? A way that actually works?

At Addiction Unscripted, we aim to show one another that we’re in fact NOT alone. We do that by sharing our own experience in a story, by starting a discussion, by commenting on other stories where people have shared their experiences. When a story touches us, we might send a direct message and let that person know what kind of effect their words had on us. It’s a place to show support, gain understanding, and maybe even share our own story.

Look, 1 in 10 adults over the age of 12 are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and all of those people have friends and family who also need community. Maybe it’s time we take a different approach. Maybe we do the opposite of what we’ve been doing – guilting, shaming, isolating, incarcerating drug addicts. Since that approach hasn’t gone too well, maybe we go the other way and instead of guilt, we show understanding. Instead of shame, we demonstrate empathy. Instead of isolation, we connect to one another. THAT’S our mission here at Addiction Unscripted.

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