Welcome to AIR—Addicts In Recovery. As you know, everyone has a story. For many people, those stories include chapters of addiction. Fortunately, the same people can also experience chapters of recovery in their lives. I am blessed to be one of the survivors of addiction. I have battled addiction for decades in various forms, from alcohol to gambling to drugs and many more. Each promised me peace and relief from fear and pain. I searched to fill empty voids in my life but any relief was only temporary, at best. Being a functioning addict my entire life I was able to be a chameleon, keep up appearances and switch back and forth between multiple addictions. If one addiction brought too much heat or trouble, I would change to something else. Numbing pain, escaping reality and filling the void was my only agenda.

After years and years of toeing the line with addiction related tragedy and devastation, I had finally met my match. In less than six short months, crystal meth took everything from me…family, house, job, car, all material and sentimental items…I was homeless…out on the streets with only a few items of clothing and a backpack. I was truly introduced to rock bottom. However, it still took me ten additional months of using and living (surviving) on the streets to truly realize this was going to kill me. I knew I could not survive another winter out there. I took steps to reclaim my life.

March 1, 2016 marks the launch of AIR Wear Recovery Gear. It is also my 18th month of clean and sober living in recovery.

So why AIR? Simple acronym for one…Addicts In Recovery.

Webster’s Dictionary tells us air \’er\ is a noun; and invisible mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth and that people and animals breathe. Alternate definitions tell us more. Air is an outward appearance of a thing or a person expressing personal quality or emotion

I literally woke up one morning with the AIR idea at the forefront of my thoughts. It became a nagging creative thought that would not escape my mind. I quickly realized this truly meant something special. Air is all around us and is best fresh and clean. Just like addicts in recovery experience a fresh start and clean living. Also, “an air of dignity” really stood out to me. Society tends to look down upon recovering addicts causing many to live with shame or embarrassment and keep their stories private.

AIR Wear Recovery Gear stands up to that notion. These stories contain the words that provide hope, courage and strength to other addicts and should not be censored…ever. AIR believes in the “air of dignity”. Take pride in the accomplishment of reclaiming your life. Take pride in facing your addiction head on and becoming a better person. Be proud of your new life in recovery. AIR Wear…Get your Recovery on!!!

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