Heroin News – What Do We Do?

A groundbreaking news report calls substance abuse and drug addiction one of Americas most pressing problems. Heroin News provides the latest, up-to-date news on the heroin epidemic, addiction and recovery and helps men and women suffering from addiction get the help they want, need and deserve.

Heroin News is part of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC).

Heroin News focuses primarily on informing the public and raising awareness.

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide focuses on encouraging recovering addicts and helping suffering addicts find top notch drug rehab facilities.

The NAATC or National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers focuses on raising the bar of excellence and setting standards for treatment centers and their members.

You are encouraged to explore this website for the latest heroin epidemic and addiction related news. You are also encouraged to visit our heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum to get support, research treatment options and drug rehab facilities and share your story.

The purpose of this organization, website and recovery community is to provide information, treatment options and support for those struggling with heroin or opiate addiction. We also prescreen and recommend top addiction treatment centers with an outstanding reputation for helping addicts find lasting recovery and that possess excellent patient reviews.

Our organization is a proponent of the disease model approach to addiction. We believe that addiction, like a cancer can be sent into remission and/or put to sleep. Addiction can be treated, not cured. This community supports any and all drug treatment options with a proven success rate. We are non-judgmental and support evidence based treatment.

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